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Fanfic : Love As A Bet

Title: Love As A Bet
Pairings: Jaejoong/Ayumi
Rating:PG (right now, maybe later will change to PG13)
Genre: romance, humour
Summary: What will happen when a fan of a group artist made a bet that she will make one of the DBSK's members to fall in love with her within 2 months?

Read more...Collapse )“I bet you to make Youngwoong Jaejoong to fall in love with you in 2 months”

“I accept it”

Those words are still soaring around my mind for about a few days after I had accepted that challenge. Right now, I feel totally like a stupid person. How on earth I could have agreed with that stupid bet? It’s an impossible task for me. I don’t even know him personally besides that watching on tv.

Beside he is a freaking popular artist who maybe had been surrounded with much more beautiful woman than me every day. I felt like I would be the least person he would fall for. What’s more, how could I make he fall in love with me within this 2 months. Now, it seem like I had dig my own grave.

I was minding my own business and was having the great day dream when suddenly someone interrupted me.

“Hahaha… You and your childish dream” HyunJi laughed together with a few of her friends.

I just stared at her.

“I bet you must have day dream about that Jaejoong guy again” continued to laugh with her annoying voice.

I just hold my self from the urge to rip out her mouth.

“You can just day dream but it will never come true. Your stupid dream is plainly stupid and childish. Such a waste of a time” she just shook her head with her hair swayed from side to side.

Now, I’m trying to fight the urge to pull her hair until she become bald.

“So childish. Your fairytale will remain as an unreachable fairytale”

URRRGGGGHHH. Ok that’s it. Now, it’s my turn

“What the heck. You think I couldn’t make it come true. I bet you will regret it when it did come true. By that time, I want to see your face of surprised and sorrowful” I just laughed back at her.

“Oooooooo, it sound like a bet”

“You bet it is”

“Well…Well. Our deary friend. You said it yourself.” She moved towards me.

“I bet you to make Youngwoong Jaejoong to fall in love with you in 2 months”

“I accept it”

“Well, make sure to make it come true…or else” HyunJi just left with her friends leaving me alone behind to comprehend all that just happened.

OMG…OMG…Did I say those words just now? WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?????

“STUPID!!! STUPID!!! STUPID!!!” I kept repeating the same words over and over again with my head still knocking my head softly.

“AISH, AYUMI WAKE UP. You couldn’t lose the bet. You know you need to bet the crap out of her. That little useless, bitchy girl…. Hyun Ji. How dare she underestimate me all this time? I will prove to her that I could do it. By that time, I couldn’t wait to see her surprised face…hahaha” I laughed evilly with my face full of smirk before someone hit me hard on my heard.

“OUCH, HEY…. HOW DARE YOU….” I couldn’t finished my last words since I saw who is the one did it to me. It was Seul Gi, my lovely and understanding friend.

“Owww, you don’t need to be that harsh towards me. I’m your best friend. What if something happen to me, then you will lost your best friend in this whole wide world.” I pouted since I know Seul Gi can’t resisted my pouted, my cuteness.

“Stop….Just stop with all your cutie acts. Right now, you had a better thing to be worry about.”

I know what she was about to said so I had prepared to put cotton ball into my ears before she saw it and yanked it from my hands. By that time, it was too late to save my precious life. She would keep blabbering nonstop until she felt satisfied. I had got used to it since the moment I first befriend with her. Sometimes, she could go for about 4 hours and believe it or not that is her highest record. Well, here it goes..

1st hour

“Ayumi, how could you make that stupid mistake. It just a waste of time……..”

2nd hour

“I’m regretted that I’m not with you, or else we could prevent all of this from happening….”

3rd hour

“OMG, why are you such an ignorant people like her. Such a stupid bet…….”

4th hour

“Urrrggghhh, I felt like I want to strangle both of you…..”

Great, now she just kept going on and on and who knows maybe she could set a new record today.

Throughout the blabbering I just kept nodded, shook, smiled, chuckled and one or two times falling asleep before she went “Ayumi, don’t you dare to go asleep. I’m not finish with you yet” then I would opened up my eyes as wide as possible.

*Cough*…*Cough*. I tried to interrupt her beautiful moments.

Luckily, it was a success. She looked at me with a look of ‘You better have a good reason for interrupt me’.

“Seul Gi, it was only a bet. It would not do any harm to both of us” I patted her shoulder tried to calm her down.

“Beside, maybe it would be an advantage for me. You know that I had been drooling about Jaejoong for ages. This is the time for me to make someone really fall me since I never had done it before”

“Don’t worry. Nothing bad is going to happen. The bet was just purely for fun and you know that I hate -like challenges. So, I want to prove to that HYUN JI…that I could make someone fall for me not only the other way around”

“Well….. I guess”

“You know that I need you to be by my side. If not who else, would ease me when I fail in my attempts. You know that I’m bad when it was me to make the first move” I still remember when I tried to win the heart of then hotties in my high school but failed miserably and I would be very shame about it. But now, I just laughed it out whenever I remembered it.

“Hahaha…. I still remembered how you tried it desperately but failed miserably.”


“But that’s why I’m more worried. I don’t want you to be in a devastated state.”

I was quite speechless “Hey, don’t worry ok. I won’t be like before. I know you loved me that’s why you are like that.”

“Now, I had change. I’m the new Ayumi and I want Hyun Ji to know that I’m the last person she wants to mess up with” I felt so determined like I never did.

“Ok….but if anything happen, don’t forget that you have me by your side” Seul Gi hugged me.

“Yeah, I know. You are my best-est friend. Remember that, ok” the overwhelming feeling started to pour out of my heart and I will prove it to Hyun Ji. It’s now or never.

*I will make it come true and nothing can stop me….*

first time post in lj and i directly post a fanfic..haha
well, this is my 1st attempt to post a fanfic in lj. please suport me, OK ^^



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